October1, 2019 Hilton Park Bowling Club News letter

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Hello again - we're back!
If you followed us last summer in the first year of Hawk Eye, it's a big welcome back. And if you are new to the club, then it's hello and welcome.
This is the second season of Hawk Eye, the monthly newsletter of Hilton Park Bowling Club and we will be out of around the start of each month during the summer. It is designed to keep members and friends up-to-date with everything happening at the club both on and off the bowling green.

Looking Back

While we can all look forward to the summer and another season of pennant bowls, we thought this was the right time to look back at what has happened in recent months. And definitely the saddest point was the death of popular member Mick Flanigan.

Because of his loud English accent, you always knew when Mick was around. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he declined treatment and seemed to accept that after 79 good years, his time had come. His funeral service and the wake were held at the bowling club.

Many members have great memories of Mick. Here are some of the stories. Scott Cargill: I was playing scroungers with Mick and as we walked up the green he said that the bowls looked like a giraffe. I didn't get it so I asked what he meant. The balls are a long with from the head, he replied.

.Gary Dodd: This got him some publicity at the time as the oldest hoon driver in WA. Mick was up north on holiday when the police caught him driving at something like 170kmh. He was labelled a hoon driver and his car was confiscated by police.

Kevin Willis: When Mick was in hospital, he pulled all the tubes out of himself, got out of bed and went looking for a Subway because he was hungry. This triggered a code red at the hospital and it needed four security guards to detain him. He had no memory of what had happened - later telling his sister he had a dream about going for a Subway. It was no dream, she said, pointing to the Subway on his bedside table.

Scott Cargill: On the ANZAC Day function just before he became sick, Mick had a bowl, a few drinks and then won the raffle. I still have a picture in my mind of him heading off on his electric bike with bottles of scotch and port tied to the back.

Sadly, the bowling club is a quieter place without Mick Flanigan.

Other topics during the off-season included another successful ANZAC Day function organized by Doug McKay. The turn-out was great - a quick head count got as high as 72 - and the impressive ANZAC Trophy was won by C. McMahon, E. Rickwood and G. Harvey. And then there was the successful trip to a bowling carnival in Merredin where Hilton's trio of Ron Turner, Darren Mitchell and Craig Standley hit winning form and returned home with a nice cash prize.

Captain's Selection

Gary Saint will continue as men's club captain for season 2019/20 but there has been a slight change in the selection process. Les Onley remains as chairman of selectors but he will be helped out by Robbie Hunter when it comes to picking Hilton's First Division sides. Les and Eddie Clarke will then be responsible for picking Hilton's other grades. It's a difficult job so make it a little easier by making yourself available to play as often as possible. And when you are not available, make sure the selectors know that you can't play on a particular day

Ladie's Club

We are happy to report that the Hilton Park ladies' club is expanding its activities this coming bowling season. According to club captain Val Turner, the ladies will be continuing to play Tuesday morning pennant bowls (requiring 12 players over three rinks) and will put a toe back in the water again by entering the Saturday competition. This is two rinks totaling eight players.

Denise Hughes and Glenice Greenham have put their hands up to act as selectors while Yvonne McCalmont will be the team manager. Val Turner is confident there are sufficient numbers to fill the sides as some corporate bowlers are prepared to be reserves and will step up if necessary.

Fundraising Sucsess

The club had a very successful fundraising event on Sunday, August 18 when three bands performed at a club function and helped make it a great day.

Our special thanks go to Diamond Dave & the Doodaddies, Peter Stone & the Hiltones and Lez Karski & the Nervous Investors for providing the musical entertainment. And let's not forget the many others who gave up their time on the day to man the doors, work behind the bar and generally help out.

The function brought in $3800 from ticket sales (that's 190 people) and, of course, profits from that day's bar sales so that all adds up to a big contribution towards improvements around the bowling club.

Work has already started on new permanent covers at the ends of the two main rinks to better protect bowlers from the summer sun. These covers are not cheap - the total bill is expected to be around $18,000 - but they will last for many years, replacing the ageing shade cloth which had to go up and down each summer.

Also planned are new sliding doors to finally complete the impressive outside balcony which was built last year and which has proved to be a great success.

Looking Ahead

During the months of Hawk Eye last summer we kept a record of the various teams' performances in the pennant competitions and pushed hard to try to get it up to a 50:50 win/loss record. In fact, Hilton's seven sides finished the season with 60 wins and 69 losses from a total of 129 games - just short of that 50:50 balance.

This season, the club will be fielding eight teams. The Saturday men will be playing in First, Fourth and Fifth Divisions and the Thursday men in Divisions Two, Three and Five. The ladies will be playing on Tuesday morning and an extra ladies team will be fielded on Saturdays.

Open Day

Season 2019/20 formally begins with an Open Day on Sunday September 29. Turn up by 12.30pm for a 1pm start with the traditional Closest to the Spider event. After that, it's a drawn mixed fours and pizza or maybe pizza and then the bowls. The dress code for the day is club colours so let's hope the weather is kind and there is a good turn-out to kick-start another season.

The ladies officially open their season with a champagne breakfast on Wednesday, October 6. After the champagne, they may even manage a bit of bowling too.

Warming Up

The pre-season starts in earnest in October in readiness for the season opener on Saturday, October 26.
So far, the plans are for an intra-club match on Saturday October 5 (the same day we have about eight players enjoying themselves at a bowls competition in faraway Exmouth). Then there are pre¬season friendlies against Cockburn and Kardinya on the following Saturdays, October 12 and 19 to give everyone more practice on synthetic greens.

President's Message

President Ron Turner has penned the following message for the newsletter. “First of all, let me say that it is again a privilege to continue as president of Hilton Park bowling club for a second year and I want to thank everyone for supporting me - particularly my wife Val and the club's committee.

“Like everyone else, I am looking forward to the summer pennant season - let's try to make it a great season for Hilton. I want to welcome all members to the club and especially welcome the handful of new members we have attracted.

“On a more general topic, the committee has decided to spend a considerable amount of money on new sun shades at the ends of the two main greens. Hopefully, this will help to make hot days a little more comfortable and is part of the committee's general plans to keep upgrading the club

. “And lastly, I want to remind everyone that the club would struggle financially if it was not for the successful Friday nights and Sunday afternoon sessions at the club. If you are already a regular, that's great. If you have never come down, give it a try.”

Committee and AGM

The bowling club's annual general meeting took place in the clubrooms on a Sunday morning at the end of June. There was a reasonable turn-out of members and the meeting went off without a hitch.

All the club's office-bearers were re-elected so the club's leaders for season 2019/20 are:- President - Ron Turner; Vice-President - Peter Stone; secretary - Dorraine Stone; Treasurer - Craig Standley; and Bar chairman - Brian Smith.

Craig Standley's treasurer's report for 22018/19 revealed that while the club may have lost just over $8900 for the year it was still financially sound with just over $81,000 in three bank accounts. Membership increased by about 13 per cent (that's an extra $2000) while the balcony project was completed at an extra cost of almost $6000.

Corporate Bowlers

Just a bit of advance notice that the corporate bowling season at Hilton starts of the second Wednesday of November (the 13th). It's a great night for a bowl, a beer and a barbecue.

New T-Shirts

An impressive Hilton Hawks club T-shirt has been on display in the clubhouse in recent weeks and demand has been very good. The T-shirt is mainly wine coloured with white stripes on the side and costs $30. For another $5 you can get your name or nickname printed on the shirt.

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