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January 1, 2019 Hilton Park Bowling Club News letter

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Every sporting club in the world needs loyal members and supporters but perhaps more importantly those clubs also need volunteers who give up their time to make their club a better place for all. Here at Hilton Park Bowling Club, we have our fair share of loyal members and helpers who are willing to assist the club in all sorts of ways. But we also have one volunteer worker whose efforts over a period of years put him head and shoulders ahead of the rest. His name is Richard “Barney” Young and we will tell you more about Barney later in this newsletter.

Season Review

When we reviewed the first month of the pennant bowls season in the last issue of Hawk Eye, we made the point that the season had not started particularly well and that there was room for improvement. At that time, the club’s seven teams (three on Saturdays, three on Thursdays and Tuesday Ladies) had won only 10 and lost 18 of the 28 games played.
Well, we are now proud to report that there has been significant improvement over the last four weeks prior to the Christmas break. Some sides have done very well since then and some are still not winning too often but the overall tally from a total of 53 games is 23 wins and 30 losses. So that second month of the season has brought 13 wins and 12 losses from 25 games. Let’s keep up the good work in 2019.
Thursday men:- The Division Two side has recorded three wins in a row to take their overall record to five wins from seven games and fifth spot on the ladder. There was a narrow 4-2 win over Manning when Gary Dodd’s rink had a 10-shot win which was enough to see the team home by 60 shots to 54. It got easier after that with 6-0 wins over Leeming and Melville — that last win by a massive 84 shots to 34 across the three rinks.
The Division Four side improved their record with a 51/2-1/2 win over Manning and a 6-0 win over Spearwood before slipping to a 4/-1/ loss down at windy Safety Bay. Barry Douglas’ rink were the only winners — coming back from 15¬10 down with six shots on one end to squeeze home 21-18. Despite that setback, the side is still sitting in top spot on the ladder.
Things are not so good in Division Five where a 6-0 forfeit win over Spearwood was followed by successive 5-1 losses to Fremantle and Mosman Park. Officially, Hilton’s 1-6 record sees them in seventh spot — but only the non-existent Spearwood side are below them.
Saturday men: - Hilton’s First Division side went into the second month of the season with a 1-3 win-loss record but then hit great form with a 6-2 home win over Leeming (103 shots to 82) and a 7-1 away win over Melville (70 shots to 59). However, a 6-2 home loss to Gosnells and followed by an 8-0 belting at the hands of league leaders Cockburn on their new undercover green. The final shot tally of 120 to 58 was a real blow-out and left Hilton in 8th spot at the Christmas break with only Melville and Mt Pleasant below us.
After a 0-4 start to the season, the Division Three side broke their duck with a 6-2 win at Mosman Park before losing 6-2 to Manning, 6-2 to Rossmoyne and 7-1 to Warnbro. That leaves the side in last place with one win from eight games.
The Division Five side maintained their winning form with results of 51/2-1/2 over Fremantle, 5-1 over Mosman Park and 6-0 away to Melville. But just before the break they lost by the narrowest of margins (one shot) in a 4-2 loss to Safety Bay. Tommy James’ rink and Graham McKenzie’s rink won by a total of 16 shots only for Mike De Luis’ rink to go down by 17 shots. Despite that setback, the side still sits top of the ladder.
Tuesday Ladies: - Sitting at 1-3 with three successive losses after the first month, Hilton’s Tuesday ladies got back to winning form with a 5-1 win at home to local rivals Spearwood. The winning shot margin of 74-52 was impressive. But, unfortunately, the side could not keep up the good form - then losing 5-1 away to Cockburn followed by another 5-1 defeat to East Fremantle. This time it was very close with the shots going 62-59 to the opposition. The ladies ended the year with another 5-1 loss, this time at Melville.

Barney Young

Richard “Barney” Young walked into Hilton Park Bowling Club in the year 2000 looking for something to do as he had retired early. Some 18 years later, he is still on the lookout for something to do. “I was 49 and lived in the area so it was Hilton Park for me,” he said. “The first time I came in the place I met Bobby Miller who was sitting at the bar and he made me feel very welcome.
I got some bowling coaching from Barbara Stewart and her daughter Cindy and I never looked back. I still remember my first game of pennants at the Perth Tatts club with Tommy James as my skip.” Richard was born in East Fremantle but the family was soon on the move to Bruce Rock when his father got a job on a wheat farm. However, Richard and his twin brother got asthma from the wheat dust so they were soon back in Fremantle again.
He attended White Gum Valley Primary School and John Curtin High School and then joined the Australian Army in 1970. His six year stint serving his country included a grim 13 months in Vietnam. The nickname “Barney” (from Barney Rubble of The Flintstones fame) has stuck with him since his Army days.
The story goes that an army sergeant in Victoria on seeing Richard for the first time said something like: “Well, f... me. Here comes Barney Rubble!” Richard then worked for 10 years as a professional prawn fisherman in the Gulf of Carpentaria and then another 10 years as a construction worker in Perth. He finished up working for Patricks on the container wharf at Fremantle before taking early retirement. At Hilton, Richard has been greens chairman for 15 years and has done four years as club president.
“I have always been happy doing work around the club,” said Richard. “Some of the projects have been my ideas but I have also helped out with a lot of other things as well. I get great satisfaction out of it.”
So what has Richard worked on? He built the casual drinks gazebo between greens B and C, he assisted Vic Philpott to build the outside toilets, he dug the trenches for the lighting towers, and he worked for months with the late Bobby Miller bringing C green up to the high standard it is now.
The list goes on. He has painted the inside of the clubhouse, worked with the men’s shed to get the car park re-surfaced, organized the grants for the disabled toilets, worked on the demolition of the old balcony and the construction of the new one, made up wooden tables for the outside balcony, and laid the concrete crossover for an overflow car park. In other words, if something has happened at Hilton over the last 20 years, you can bet Barney has been involved in it.
“It keeps me active and healthy,” is his best explanation. His award of life membership a few years ago was certainty merited.

Pennants Resumes

After the three week break for Christmas and New Year, the various pennants competitions resume in January. The ladies are first to step up on Tuesday January 8 while the midweek men’s competition kicks off on Thursday January 10 and the Saturday men hit the greens on Saturday (obviously) January 12. Happy bowling in the New Year.

February 1, 2019 Hilton Park Bowling Club News letter

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A couple of newsletters ago, we banged on about the fact that Hilton Park had made a poor start to the new season. The facts were there for all to see — 10 wins and 18 losses from the first 28 games. Equally, we were proud to boast that the situation had improved during December to 23 wins and 30 losses from 53 games. Well, guess what? The club has made a poor start to the second half of the season and, up to the Australia Day break, our record had slipped to 29 wins and 42 losses from 71 games.
The consolation is that almost all sides still have eight rounds to play during February and March — eight rounds which will make or break our season. We are not suggesting that anyone has not been trying — but let’s see if we can come up with a big finish and get that win:loss ratio about 50:50.

Pennant Up-Date

Tuesday Ladies:- Hilton’s ladies were the first to get the ball rolling in 2019 and started with a great 4-2 home win over top-of-the-league Warnbro 2 by 55 shots to 50. Sandra Watt’s rink was the only winner by 18-10 but it was enough to cover one-shot and two-shot losses in the other rinks.
In Round 10 the ladies met the other Warnbro team away from home but this time they lost 5-1 and by 66 shots to 55. And round 11 brought the same result - a 5-1 home loss to Fremantle. Incredibly, two of the rinks were decided by one shot but Liz Mann’s rink suffered a massive 33-6 loss. These results keep the side in seventh spot on the ladder.
Thursday Men: - The Division Two side started off with a tough trip to windy Warnbro and the 6-0 loss by 79 shots to 33 showed just how poorly Hilton played. For example, it must be some time since a rink skipped by Gary Dodd went down 33-8.
Round 9 produced a disappointing 5-1 loss at home to Rockingham by 60 shots to 50, Robbie Hunter’s 22-19 win the only point for Hilton. But it was back to winning form in round 10 with a 5-1 result over Dalkeith/Nedlands with Craig Standley’s rink taking the honours with a 31-8 result. The team remains in fifth spot on the table.
The Division Four side played like league leaders with a 6-0 home win over Gosnells with each of the three rinks having a comfortable margin in the 81-34 total win.
Another 6-0 win came Hilton’s way as a result of a fine performance at Leeming in round 9. It was a tough game with Ian Blanch’s rink winning by one shot and Barrie Douglas’ rink by two shots in a 63-50 overall success.
The bubble burst only slightly with a 51/2-1/2 win away at third-placed Mt Pleasant in round 10 with only Ian Blanch’s 20-20 draw preventing a clean sweep.
This keeps the team top of the table.
The Division Five side also showed promise of better to come with a 5-1 home win over Kwinana who are sitting on top of the ladder. Tommy James’ rink set the scene with a 15-shot win and Warren Edwards’ rink then secured the points on the last end with a 17-16 win.
But undercover the next Thursday down at windy Warnbro, the Fourths slipped to a 6-0 defeat and by 68 shots to 56 overall. Again, it was hard fought with Peter Baldey’s rink losing by one shot after being two up going into the last end while Peter James’ rink lost by just two shots.
And round 10 brought a satisfying 6-0 home win over Safety Bay with Peter Baldey’s rink hanging on for a 17-16 success.
Saturday Men:- Star bowler Daniel Wood was welcomed back as one of the skips in the Division One South side and his rink and Robbie Hunter’s rink both had four-shot wins over Victoria Park/Carlisle. However that was not enough to avoid a 6-2 loss by a total of 84 shots to 75 in a hard- fought game.
The story was similar in round 10 when the Division One side lost 7-1 at home to Safety Bay with Craig Standley’s rink picking up the solitary point. The side still sits in 8th spot on the ladder with a break for Australia Day.
The Division Three side started 2019 with a loss 7-1 to Fremantle with Vic Philpott’s rink recording the only win so that side is still stuck in last place on the ladder.
Round 10 saw the side hit winning form again with a 6-2 home win over Rockingham by 89 shots to 75. Les Onley’s rink helped secure the points with an impressive 36-11 result. But even with the six points the side is still in last spot on the ladder.
The Division Five side started the New Year with a comfortable 6-0 defeat at Cockburn’s new undercover complex. The bowlers struggled on the synthetic surface and the only close game was from Warren Edwards’ rink who recovered from 19-9 to 19-17 and then lost on the last end.
It was synthetics and undercover again the next Saturday and the result was the same — a 6-0 loss to Kardinya and this time the defeat cost Hilton Park it’s spot at the top of the ladder.

Acting Greenkeeper

Hard-working committee-man Gary Saint filled in as the club’s greenkeeper during the Christmas and New Year break as regular greenkeeper Daniel Prince took the chance to holiday in Canada. With the weather hotting up, Gary did a great job on the greens and ensured that they were in top condition for the resumption of the pennant competition in January. The club wishes to thank Gary for all the time he put in on the job.

Well Done Ladies

The Hilton ladies have had three club competitions in the first half of the season and the fight to win trophies has been intense. First of all, the Veterans’ Championship was won by Liz Mann with Helen Pryer the runner-up. Then a Scroungers tournament was won by Anne Mauri with Glenice Greenham as runner-up. And, finally, the Championship Triples was a hard-fought competition won by a team comprising Sandra Watt, June Menner and Janice Frater who defeated a triple of Bobi Ward, Val Turner and Carol Read in the final.

End of Year

The year 2018 ended with two excellent functions at Hilton Park. The first one on Friday, December 28, was the 70th birthday party for club president Ron Turner. The bar was busy that night — as was the dance floor thanks to the musical efforts of Peter Stone and the Hiltones.
A few days later on New Year’s Eve, there was another great turn-out for a function which again had Peter Stone and his group on stage backing up Diamond Dave and the Doodaddies. And let’s not forget the efforts of roast beef man, Big Kev.
Also, to celebrate his 70-something birthday, veteran bowler Chris McMahon organized a mixed doubles competition on a Sunday during the pennant break. Some 16 pairs plus a few reserves took part on a hot day and the final winners after four hour-long games was the pairing of Daniel Wood and Mike Glynn. This event marked Daniel’s return to the club and his skills will be welcomed by Hilton’s First Division side as it battles to avoid relegation.
Then on the first Sunday in 2019, five members who have been at the club for less than two years took part in the Novices’ Championship. Mike De Luis, Graham Harvey and Dave Van de Venn fell by the wayside leaving Mike Glynn and Tony Maxwell to contest the final. And a real treat it turned out to be too, with Mike squeezing home and taking the title with a 21-19 shot win. Well done all.



Who was the dopey Division Five bowler playing on the outside rink at Kardinya who rolled his bowl into the side ditch? Well, at least it was only a warm-up bowl and the bowler managed to avoid that ditch during the game.

More Winners

Before Christmas, the club managed to fit in a mixed pair’s competition which saw Richard Young and Val Turner defeat Gary Melville and Liz Mann in the final after some tough bowling.

Neck To Neck

The Mixed 100-Up competition played in January proved to be a great success with some excellent games. The final was then played the following Friday night and it turned out to be a classic. Rob Fortini, possibly the underdog, was playing Gary Saint and the scores were tied at 95-95 after 19 ends.
As it turned out, Rob then grabbed a clean-sweep of 10 to win his first trophy at Hilton. Both players who were happy to pose for a picture.

April 1, 2019 Hilton Park Bowling Club News letter

If you have any titbits of information for the newsletter please contact Dorraine Stone or Roy Gibson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Correction:- We made a mistake. YES - WE MADE A MISTAKE. And despite the date at the top of this page (April 1, to save you looking up) this is no joke. After hours of research and checking, we decided that the win:loss ratio figures we have been reporting in recent newsletters did not add up. So after another sleepless night, we did it all again. And again. Check the Bowls WA website if you want. At the beginning of March, Hilton's seven sides had played a total of 103 games for 47 wins and 56 losses. Now, at the time of going to press (March 24) it is 123 games for 57 wins and 66 losses. So it's impossible now to get to that 50:50 win/loss target by season's end.

Well Done

Lots of members put in many hours of hard work to make country week at Hilton Park a great success. We can be proud of the way we presented our club to these visitors over the four days of bowling and many were full of praise for the standard of the greens and the quality of the meals supplied. Jim Jobey organized the food and did a great job although he would be the first to admit that he had many willing helpers. We were going to try to name all those involved but because of the risk of missing someone out we decided just to make it an all-round thanks to everyone who assisted. However, club president Ron Turner was determined to name names. Ron said: “I would like to give a big thank you to Daniel and Barney for the greens and the surrounds. Barney also did lots of bar hours and picked up beer with Craig from Dan Murphy's. “A big job in the kitchen by Jim Jobey with great help from Big Kev for the cooking and catering over four days. The feedback about the meals was excellent so thanks to all who helped in the kitchen with preparing meals, setting up tables, serving, cleaning up and doing dishes. Thanks to Mike Glynn, John Hansford, Tony Maxwell and all the ladies including Val, Helen, Michelle, Maria, Liz, Janet and more. “Also thanks to Dorraine for the outside bar, thanks to Eddie Clarke and Doug McKay for running the event and sending the results to Bowls WA and thanks to Craig and Brian Smith for getting a set of bowls from Perth Bowls Centre. This raffle raised $1000. And thanks to Graeme McKenzie for selling other raffle tickets which raised $330, to Warren Edwards for umpiring all four days and to Shaun Farrell for fixing the water cooler. “So well done everyone.”

Our illustrious President, sitting with all his mates!

Val - Ray Stevens

Close friend Ian Blanch says of Ray: “He was a good bowler, a good supporter of the bar and a good mate.” As a farewell gift, Ray wanted to give his yellow bowls to a loyal Hilton member and a good home was found for them. Our photograph shows Ray and Ian with their partners June Menner and Jean Blanch when they won the mixed fours together in 2009.

Ladies Wrap-Up

Sadly, the ladies finished the season with three defeats in a row but they put up a real fight in the last two games. Overall, they won six and lost 12 of their 18 games to finish in seventh spot. Round 16 brought a comprehensive 6-0 loss down at Warnbro by 68 shots to 51 but then against Fremantle the following Tuesday the side won two of the three rinks but the aggregate tilted in Fremantle's favour 55-52.
Liz Mann's rink won by 16 shots and Maria Alberti's rink by one shot but Trudy Mann's rink lost 26-6 to swing the overall points Fremantle's way.
The final game was also a tight one, losing 4%-1% to bottom side Spearwood. Maria Alberti's rink won by nine shots and Liz Mann's rink drew but June Menner's rink lost by 10 shots. That made it 51¬50 in Spearwood's favour - a reversal of the one shot win Hilton recorded over them earlier in the season.
Ladies' captain Val Turner conceded that it had been a “very disappointing” season considering how well the team had played the previous summer. “We always seemed to have someone missing because of holidays and other reasons and it was frustrating that we lost the aggregate by just a few shots on about four occasions,” she said.
However, Val hopes that the side can remain in Division 3 on Tuesdays because it is justified on the numbers while she is also confident that the club can field a ladies' team on Saturdays again after dropping out of that competition for the last couple of years.
Bobi and Val after playing the Singles Championships - Won by Val

Pennant Progress

Thursday Mem- Division Two:- The Division Two side has been slowly creeping up the ladder with a string of wins. A 5-1 win over Leeming at home in round 15 when Chris McMahon's rink and Craig Standley's rink both won easily took the side to fourth spot.
This was followed by an even bigger 5-1 win away at Melville where Chris McMahon's rink set up the success with a score of 29¬8. Another win, this time by 514- 14 over Warnbro at home saw the side up to third spot.
So it all came down to round 18 when Hilton chalked up a meritorious 5-1 win down at Rockingham by 68 shots to 48 only for Warnbro to smash Melville 6-0 and take third spot by just one solitary point. The season's haul was 12 wins and six losses including five wins in a row to finish the season.
Division Four:- Second spot on the ladder has been secure for some weeks now for the Division Four side. Rounds 15 and 17 brought away wins at Spearwood by 5-1 and Gosnells by 6-0 - the only disappointment being a 4-2 home loss to Safety Bay. Richard Young's rink won by nine shots and Les Onley's by seven shots so it was a real shock to see the consistent Ian Blanch go down by 19 - tilting the aggregate to the visitors by 55 shots to 52.
Round 18 brought a 6-0 win over Leeming by 69 shots to 45 so it was second spot with a 13 wins and five losses record for the season.
Division Five: With a bye in round 18, the Division Five outfit finished a disappointing season with a 5%-% hammering from Kardinya in round 17 on March 14. That result confirmed 7th spot on the ladder with only the non-existent Spearwood side below them.
Officially, we had seven wins and 11 defeats for the season but three of those “wins” were byes. However, relegation is unlikely as the club would appear to have sufficient players to remain in a three-rink competition next season.
The final fixture at Kardinya showed how, with a few new bowlers in the side, we just don't get going when playing on a synthetic surface. Tommy James' rink lost 31-10, Peter Baldey's rink lost 35¬13 and the half point in a 5%-% loss came from Warren Edwards' rink which threw away a 16-5 lead to draw 18-18.
Saturday Mem-Division One:-
The Division One South side has been battling all season to keep out of the bottom two spots and it is going right down to the wire.
The Round 15 match against Melville was very important and Hilton grabbed a comfortable 7-1 win at home with the only blemish being Craig Standley's rink suffering a one shot loss. Daniel Wood, Travis Simpson and Joe Bajic won their games.
But then in round 16 while second-last Melville was beating bottom side Mt Pleasant 7-1, Hilton travelled to Gosnells and got smashed 8-0. The card was ugly - losses of 28-10, 31-19, 25-12 and 27-14 for an overall score of 111-55.
So going into round 17, we were just 114 points ahead of Melville. The game against leaders Cockburn turned into one of those crazy days where you win three rinks but lose the shot count - in this case by just one shot, 77/76.
Joe Bajic's rink won by six shots, Craig Standley's by four and Robbie Hunter's by one - but that 11 shot advantage disappeared when Luke Garbutt's rink lost by 12 shots.
So going into round 18, we are 2% shots ahead of Melville. Division Three:- This side has been anchored of the foot of the table most of the season with wins rare to come by so let's enjoy the success they had in Round 16 over Rossmoyne. Ian Blanch's rink
won 26-15, Les Onley's rink won 21 -16 and Richard Young's rink won 17-14. The only blemish was Vic Philpott's rink which lost 19-16 so the points went Hilton's way 7-1 and by 80 shots to 64.
Round 17 also saw a great effort but a narrow 6-2 loss to Warnbro by 82-78.
Division Five:- This side had been about third sport all season but has now dropped to fifth. Round 15 brought a disappointing 4-2 loss at Mosman Park which went down to the last end after Eddie Clark and Tommy James won by eight shots only for Graham McKenzie to go down by 10.
The next week brought a 5-1 home win over bottom side Melville but the dropped point cost the team third spot. Then a 6-0 loss at Safety Bay dropped the side to fifth with one game left against leaders Cockburn.

Who's Biased

It's probably a bit unfair to take the p... out of someone for sending down a bowl with the wrong bias. We have all done it. But we just could not let this one slip by. Division One skip Craig Standley was leading his rink to a comfortable defeat against Melville when, on the last end, his team staged a great fightback. They found themselves five shots up with Craig bowling last to give them a chance of seven shots and a drawn game. But, there's just no nice way to say it. Craig's beautifully delivered bowl curved into the rink next door and the side had to settle for five shots and an 18-17 defeat. Obviously, Craig was distraught. Ah well, that's another person not speaking to me.

Lucky 8

One of Hilton's rinks in the Saturday Division 3 game at Manning recorded eight shots at one end in their impressive 29-14 win. So well done to Ronnie Horsman, Ron Turner, Ian Grey and skip Les Onley. They will be collecting their special medals on wind-up night


The event is probably about over by the time most members read this but Hilton Park hosted a heap of talented women on Wednesday and Thursday this week (March 27 and 28) as part of country week.

Wind-Up Reminder

Just a reminder - the club's wind-up is on Saturday, April 6. There will be lots of food and drink available and it is sure to be a great night. So to get some idea of numbers, let Barney Young or Ron Turner or Dorraine Stone know if you are attending. Or put your name up on the notice board.

March 1, 2019 Hilton Park Bowling Club News letter

If you have any titbits of information for the newsletter please contact Dorraine Stone or Roy Gibson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There are no pennant bowls over the March holiday weekend - but that does not mean that nothing is happening down at Hilton Park. The club has again been chosen to host country week (well, long weekend really) so the club will be a busy place from Friday, March 1, to Monday, March 4.
We want our greens and clubhouse to look their best and volunteers are needed to help the weekend go by without a hitch. Jimmy Jobey has put his hand up to organize the catering and there are plenty of other jobs available around the club over the four days. So if you are able to lend a hand in the kitchen, or in the bar or around the club generally - even for a few hours over some part of the long weekend - let the club know. The singles competition is on Friday, the pairs on Saturday and the fours on Sunday and Monday.

Pennant Up-Date

This newsletter with the latest pennant details covers the weeks ending February 2, 9, 16 and 23. Four weeks ago, the club's record for the season for our seven teams was 29 wins and 42 losses from a total of 71 games. Now it has improved slightly to 43 wins and 56 losses from 99 games. Our aim over the next few weeks is to try to get that win:loss ratio closer to 50:50.
Tuesday Ladies:- The women's team got off to a great start in this block of four fixtures with a stunning 5-1 away win over Spearwood by 59 shots to 58. Liz Mann's rink's 16/31 loss was cancelled out by wins of 23/14 by Sandra Watt and 20/13 by Maria Alberti for a narrow one shot overall win.
The ladies then battled hard in round 13 at home to Cockburn and were in the game for most of the morning but losses by one shot, three shots and five shots saw all six points go to Cockburn.
However, the ladies bounced back with another great win, beating East Fremantle 5-1 away and by the healthy margin of 71 shots to 39. Sandra Watt's rink won 25/9 while Maria Alberti's rink did even better, winning 35/10.
And they completed this block of four games with narrow 3%-2% home win over Melville although the shots were tied at 52 each. Maria Alberti's rink won 21/13 and Elizabeth Mann's rink won 18/16 but Sandra Watt lost 23/13.
Despite winning three of the last four, the ladies are still stuck in seventh spot on the ladder and have just three games left to try to catch up the nine point gap between them and East Fremantle.

Thursday Men:- All three Thursday men's teams had an up and down month with each side winning two games and losing two.
The Division Two side has been involved in same cracking games in recent rounds but still occupies fifth spot on the ladder.
For example round 11 produced a 5-1 loss away to Safety Bay but the match was decided by just one shot - 59/58. Craig Standley's eight shot win was cancelled out by losses in the other two rinks. Then came a home win over Hollywood/Subiaco with a comfortable 10 shot lead.
Round 13 was a 5-1 loss at Fremantle by 57/53 where Robbie Hunter's rink won by two shots only for Gary Dodd to go down by five and Craig Standley by just a single shot, then in round 14 there was a comfortable 6-0 home win over Manning by 74 shots to 56 with Robbie Hunter's rink excelling by 23/12.
Two wins and two losses have seen the Division Four side slide from top spot into second place.
They started the month with a 5-1 home win over Cockburn, then lost by the same score to Claremont. A 5%-% belting from Fremantle by 74 shots to 42 cost the side top spot but they then got back on track with a tough 4%-1% away win at Manning. Ian Blanch's rink was the only winner while Richard Young's rink drew to help the team finish ahead by 52 shots to 48.
The same results - two wins and two losses - has kept the Division Five side in seventh spot. They beat Kardinya 5-1 then won in a forfeit over Spearwood only to lose 6-0 to Fremantle at home and 4-2 at Mosman Park. Rinks skippered by Warren Edwards and Tommy James both won but Mike Glynn, in his first start as skip, lost heavily to tip the balance Mosman Park's way by 54 shots to 51.
Saturday Men:- Hilton's main team is putting up a great fight to keep its spot in Division One and is still holding eighth spot with a 5:9 win:loss record.
Round 11 was a bit disappointing with a 6%-1% loss to Rossmoyne by 99 shots to 67 although Daniel Wood's rink did their bit with a 22/14 win and Gary Dodd's rink drew. Then came a great 7-1 win at Mt Pleasant by 95 shots to 70. Robbie Hunter was the only loser on the day - and by just one shot.
Round 13 was one of those rare occasions when Hilton won only one rink but still picked up the four side points to win 5'h-Th. Robbie Hunter and Gary Dodd both lost by one shot while Daniel Wood drew - meaning that Craig Standley's eight shot win saw Hilton win overall by 74/68.
In the last of the block of four games, the Division One side lost Th-h away to Leeming and by a healthy margin of 94 shots to 58. Craig Standley's rink had a 16/16 draw on a day which brought a couple of heavy defeats.
The Division Three side has been very consistent - losing 7-1 three weeks in a row to confirm its spot at the bottom of the ladder. The 84/70 result away to Kardinya was tighter than it looks as Ian Blanch's rink lost by only one shot and Les Onley's rink by two shots.
Losing 7-1 at home to Leeming by 84 shots to 71 was disappointing with Ian Blanch's nine shot win doing little to restore the balance. And then in round 13 we were belted down at Safety Bay by 110 shots to 56. The fact that Ian Blanch's rink won (again) by six shots couldn't hide the fact the other rinks lost by 17 shots,
17 shots and 26 shots.
It was much closer last week at home to Mosman Park when the side lost 6-2. Vic Philpott's rink won by three shots and Les Onley's rink by two shots but the fixture went Mosman Park's way by 81 shots to 72. The side is stuck on the bottom of the ladder with just two wins from 14 games.
The Division Five side started with 5-1 wins over Bullcreek and East Fremantle. Then a 6-0 away loss at Rossmoyne saw them slip to fourth spot only to jump back to third again with a 6-0 win over Fremantle.

Hit Making Trio

Standley, Turner and Young - what a wonderful pop group. Do you remember all those terrific hits from the 1970 and 80s. What's your favourite song? Mine was ... Oh, I have obviously forgotten to take my tablets again this morning and my mind has wandered a bit. Sorry! Craig Standley, Ron Turner and Barney Young were, in fact, the winners of the club's triples competition played on Sunday, February 3. Six teams entered on another hot day and the competition turned out to be just as good as the weather. After the preliminary rounds, the final turned out to be a scorcher with the Standley, Turner and Young combination recording a one- shot win over Peter Stone, Gary Saint and Shaun Farrell.

Women's Winners

The women's club had their pairs competition recently and the winners were the combination of Val Turner and Bobi Ward who defeated Liz Mann and Janice Frater by 18 shots to 16 in a close fought final. Well done, Val and Bobi.

The Scrutineer

We have found the perfect nickname for Nat Butler, wife of respected bowler Rod Butler. Rod was playing in the club triples competition recently when his wife Nat turned up at the club with enough salad rolls to keep him going for days. He needed help from other hungry bowlers to eat them all. Nat then went above and beyond - walking up and down the green with her husband as the knock-out matches progressed. Fellow bowlers were happy to tolerate that - we are all friends at Hilton after all. But action had to be taken when, at the end of one close end, Nat was in the middle of the huddle trying to work out who had the shot etc. So that's why Nat is now known as The Scrutineer.

First to 100

There were some great games in the men's 100 Up competition with some clashes going right down to the wire. Talented newcomer Rod Butler knocked out some quality bowlers on the way to the final but he then found the experienced Gary Dodd just a little too good for him on the day.


Get your diaries out and pencil in Saturday, April 6, as the date for the club's annual wind-up. Come along to enjoy the food and drink and to have a chat with fellow bowlers. It will be a great night.

Bremer Bay Invitational

Rod Butler, Ian Gray, Pete Stone and Chris McMahon made the trek down to Bremer Bay, staying at Rod Butler's semi permanent shack at one of the Caravan Parks, our boys were well looked after by Rod's wife Nat. The boys ended up winning half their games and of course the evening was spent with Stoney around the piano at the Club and later around the camp fire.

Leisure time was taken up with some hairy moments four wheel driving over the beautiful "squeaky sand" beaches. Unfortunately no luck catching Herring, much to the amusement of McMahon. Stoney is very much looking forward to returning to this beautiful part of the world.

May 1, 2019 Hilton Park Bowling Club News letter

If you have any titbits of information for the newsletter please contact Dorraine Stone or Roy Gibson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to the final issue of Hawk Eye - the official newsletter of the Hilton Park Bowling Club. This has been the first year of the newsletter and it has operated over the period from September last year to April this year - eight editions. Whether you get the newsletter electronically by email or pick up a printed version at the bowling club, we hope you have enjoyed reading it. It would not have been possible without the efforts of Dorraine Stone who has found the time to organize the photographs, arrange the lay-out, send out the emails and print out the copies. And with all bowling matches now complete, thanks to three wins out of three games in the promotion and relegation play-offs, Hilton's final win:loss ratio from our seven sides is 60 wins and 69 losses from a total of 129 games. It's just a touch short of the 50:50 balance we hoped for but it now gives us a marker to compare our performances next summer.

Club Champion

The most prestigious honour at the bowling club is the Singles Championship and there is a new name on the trophy this season. After losing previously in both a semi-final and a final, Craig Standley finally won the award with a 25 shots to 15 victory over Gary Dodd. The final drew a big crowd to the club and they witnessed a top quality encounter. So well done, Craig.

Staying Up

Two days after that win, the Saturday Division One side was involved in a relegation/promotion play-off against Division Two side Willetton who had spent the morning beating Gosnells by one shot. Two changes had been made to the Hilton team as First Division regulars Gary Dodd and Fred Kuhnl were unavailable. They were replaced by Daniel Wood, who has had an interrupted season, and Brian Smith. With a big crowd of members encouraging the teams, Hilton got off to a steady start and it was Robbie Hunter's rink which made the first break with successive end scores of five and six shots. In no time, Hunter's rink was up 20-1 and, with the other rinks still tight, the game was heading our way by the half-way mark. Any hopes Willetton had soon disappeared as both Craig Standley's rink and Joe Bajic's rink moved into comfortable leads. In the end, it was something of an anti-climax as the winning margin was a whopping 45 shots - 114 to 69. Robbie Hunter won 38-12, Joe Bajic 34-17 and Craig Standley 23-11. The fact that things didn't click for Daniel Wood's rink which lost by 10 shots didn't matter on the day. We had confirmed out spot in Division One for next season - ahead is the task to trying to move higher up the ladder.

Captains Call

Men's captain Gary Saint says that, while there is always room for improvement, the club has to be satisfied with the performance of the men's teams on Saturdays and Thursdays.
“We had won promotion to Division One on Saturdays and it was clear from the start that our aim was to avoid being relegated again,” said Gary. “Well, we managed to stay out of the bottom two spots although it was pretty tight. Our big win over Gosnells at the end of the season showed the gulf between the lower end of Division One and the top end of Division Two.
“Our next step must be to move away from the relegation area into mid-table next season.
“The biggest disappointment was the Division Three side winning just three games out of 18 and being relegated. That means there will be a big drop from Division One to Division Four for our bowlers so the sooner we win promotion again the better.
“The Division Five side looked like it might make the play-offs before a run of poor results saw the team slip to sixth. “On Thursdays, we fielded three sides each week and the stand¬out was the Division Four team which won promotion.
Well done everyone.
“Overall, there was much to like about the season. The corporate bowls was a big success, the numbers at Sunday Scroungers were always good and we had 36 bowlers on the day of the club championship.
“I would like to finish by thanking everyone who gave their time to assist the club during the season. Let's try to be bigger and better next

Pennants wrap-up

The last Saturday of the regular season can be wrapped up in two words - three defeats. For the Division One team, it was a 7-1 loss away to Victoria Park/Carlisle which kept the side 1% points above automatic relegation. Instead, our record of six wins and 12 losses meant eighth spot on the ladder and a relegation play-off against a Division Two club (see later in newsletter for details). Our Division Three men lost 8-0 away to Fremantle and by 102 shots to 51 to confirm bottom spot on the ladder with a disappointing three wins and 15 defeats for the season. Division Five side loss 6-0 at home to top side Cockburn with only Steve O'Reilly's rink making much of a game of it in the 73-40 defeat. The side has lost four of the last six games to slip from third to sixth spot, finishing with 10 wins and eight losses for the season

Final Success

Finishing second gave the Thursday Division 4 side home ground advantage for the promotion play-offs but that afternoon also coincided with the women's country week at Hilton. This meant that the men were “relegated” to A green which had to be quickly improved in standard. Some bowlers may never have played on it before.
However, it was great to see all three greens at Hilton fully occupied, all the parking bays filled and tables set up in both the bar and hall. Extra mats and jacks had to be dragged out of hidden corners of store rooms - and we were ready to go.
After some early head-butting, we looked to have the game against Safety Bay in the bag by the half-way stage when both Barney Young's rink and Ian Blanch's rink had secured 10 shot leads. However, from 21-11 up, Barney's rink went off the boil and bowls for more shots turned into drives to try to cut the damage. Going into the last end saw the score reversed to 24-21 in Safety Bay's favour but Hilton came good with three shot for a 24-24 tie.
While this was happening, Ian Blanch had extended his lead to a match-winning 13 shots so the fact that Les Onley's rink went down by one shot in a hard-fought game didn't matter too much. We were in the final, winning 70-58.
Selectors made one change for the next week with Brian Smith coming in for Mike Kendall. So, on a cool and windy afternoon and back on a regular green, Hilton played third-placed Manning for promotion to Division Three.
Again, as expected, the early ends were tight before Ian Blanch's rink scored a five and got the first real break. It was a lead they never lost, eventually winning by eight shots. Barney Young's rink went into the last end level and scored three shots for a good win while Les Onley's rink also pulled away at the end to win by four shots.
A 15-shot win, promotion and a record of 15 wins and 5 losses for the season.
As in any game, it is hard to pick the best moments over 21 ends. Was it great leads from Rod Butler, perfect shot bowls from Steve O'Reilly, Jim Jobey's fine pick up and carry into the ditch or excellent finishing from skips Les Onley, Ian Blanch and Barney Young?

Country Week

It may have been just two days as opposed to four days for the men, but women's country week at Hilton Park needed just as much organization and preparation. So, once more, a big thanks to everyone who gave up their time. The bowlers seemed to enjoy themselves both on and off the park so it all helps to enhance the reputation of Hilton Park.

Wind UP

There was a great turn-out for the annual wind-up at the clubhouse when Mike Glynn, a newcomer to the club, narrowly won the Bowler of the Year Award.

The next Saturday between 40-60 people attended the Corporate bowlers wind-up.

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